Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

As an oversea buyer, a small business owner or a project purchasing manger, when you are on the market for the microfiber cleaning cloth, there’re some basic knowledge about the microfiber you may need to study in advance to ensure you are getting the right microfiber towels.

As an experienced and professional microfiber manufacturer, we offer different qualities of microfiber eyeglasses cleaning cloth, microfiber jewelry & diamond polish cloth, microfiber car cleaning cloth & microfiber mouse mat cleaning cloth, etc. (www.microfibertowelworld.com ; microfibertowelworld@gmail.com; Wechat: MicrofiberTowelWorld )

Their ingredient can be either 100% polyester or blend of 80% polyester + 20% polyamide.

What’s the difference between these two microfibre fabric made from above mentioned ingredient?

  • If you want your logo printing effect looks bright and attractive, we would suggest microfiber lens cleaning cloth made from 100% polyester; Here’re some examples.
  • 100% microfiber polyester fabric with digital photo printing | Custom logo microfibre cleaning cloth | MOQ 200pcs
  • If you focus on the cleaning function of the microfiber towels, we would recommend the microfiber fabric made from 80% polyester + 20% polyamide.   Here’s the example.
  • Logo printed microfiber hand towel
    Microfiber 80% polyester + 20% polyamide | achieve brilliant cleaning effect | Perfect for jewelry & diamond polish

We provide various options of custom logo printing:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloth with silkscreen printing logo: it’s suitable for brands with simple and solid color logo.Here’s the example:

           custom microfiber lens cloth with silkscreen logo

    Silkscreen logo suitable for those simple brand logo in solid colors
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth with custom embossed logo:  If you want your logo “engrave” on the microfiber cloth, we would recommend the embossed logo. Here it is.
  • custom logo microfibre cleaning cloth
    Microfiber cleaning cloth with embossed logo

We have introduced some basic knowledge about microfiber cleaning towels fabric quality  and logo imprint.

What else do you want to know? Please contact us: microfibertowelworld@gmail.com

No matter your order is big or small, welcome to inquire!

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